7 videos to master circular breathing

Learn circular breathing in a few days  
and develop good habits from the start.

  • Clear and concise explanations to get straight to the point!
  • The 4 main simple and progressive steps that will ensure you acquire circular breathing in a few days.
  • Thousands of players have had it, why not you!
  • Receive a daily email with my tips and tricks for 7 days!

This is what the course looks like.
Watch the first video!


This course is taken from from my training course “The art of the didgeridoo” which I will tell you about in the videos (no obligation to buy of course, you will already have something to do!)

AND as a bonus:

I will send you 1 mail per day for 7 days with my tips to avoid the classic mistakes of the beginning!

Once the 7 days are over, you will receive about one or two mails per month to share with you my latest videos, articles or pieces, and sometimes just promos (but very rarely, the goal is not to spam you, but to share my passion with you!)

Who am I?

My name is Gauthier Aubé. I have been a didgeridoo enthusiast for over 20 years.

In 2018, I created Wakademy to share my teaching around the didgeridoo (with online courses and workshops).

In parallel, I also develop my career as a musician. Here is the video “La traversée” from my new album “L’ENVOL” (available on all platforms).

Good discovery !

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