Wakatoo, the card game that gives you the rhythm!

Write, listen and play your didgeridoo rhythms!

Available online and soon as a physical card game!

How it works ?

1. Each card corresponds to a didgeridoo sound.

In order to give you the freedom to create an infinity of rhythms, each card contains a sound.

Here we have the “ti” sound, just articulate “ti” in your didgeridoo by vibrating your lips to play this sound!

2. The cards are classified into 5 categories represented by 5 suits.

The orange color represents the most common didgeridoo sounds , such as tongue attacks or harmonics.

The yellow color indicates the sounds to be played with the voice .

The green color brings together the sounds related to the breaths , it tells us when to inspire.

The color red signals accent sounds that give contrast to the rhythms.

The purple cards make it possible to lengthen certain sounds to gain rhythmic richness.


3. Arrange the cards as you wish to create your rhythm

4. Put play and hear Wakatoo play the rhythm for you!

All you have to do is reproduce the rhythm you just created!

How to play
in Wakatao?

Online Version

Gratuit (beta version)
  • Direct access to Wakatoo online
  • 22 recorded sounds
  • No backup possible

Physical release

card game
À venir Released in 2022
  • Over 120 cards
  • Color printing, double-sided
  • Pre-orders 2022