Wakatoo, the card game that gives you the rhythm!

Write, listen and play your didgeridoo rhythms!

Available online and soon as a physical card game!

How it works ?

Each card shows a single sound you can make on your didgeridoo.

With so many cards to choose from, the rhythmic possibilities are almost endless! Here’s a typical card: “ti”
Here we have the “ti” sound; to play this sound, just pronounce “ti” into your didgeridoo while vibrating your lips for the drone.

2. The cards fall into 5 categories represented by 5 different colors.

The orange color represents the most common didgeridoo sounds, such as tongue attacks or harmonics.
The yellow color indicates the voiced sounds; that means you pronounce them while sounding your voice.
The green color groups together the breathing sounds; you can snatch some air during these sounds.
The color red is for accents, sounds that lend contrast to the rhythms.
The purple cards tell the player to sustain the sound in the previous card, useful for rhythmic richness.
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3. Define a rhythm by laying out some cards.

4. Now click Play and listen to Wakatoo play your rhythm for you! It's that easy!

Oh no, you won’t hear anything
by clicking on this button, but try here!

You just have to play the rhythm you've just composed!

How to play
in Wakatao?

With Covid, printing prices have more than doubled. The quote for printing Wakatoo in Europe (Belgium) has gone from €5,000 to €11,000 after Covid!

As Wakademy is a small company that I manage alone, I cannot afford this amount.

Therefore, I offer you a PDF version to print at home. And I am currently working on a mobile version that looks very promising (but it will take me some time!).

Online Version

Free (as beta)
  • Direct access to Wakatoo online
  • 22 recorded sounds
  • No backup possible

Physical version

(card game)
PDF version Coming soon
  • PDF with all the cards
  • All the Wakatoo's sound
  • Print at home

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Create your own rhythms!

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With the online version of Wakatoo, write a rhythm and listen to it!
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