Didgeridoo masterclass

Two days of didgeridoo to learn from a teacher!

“Gauthier is not only a passionate virtuoso of his instrument. He is also a remarkable theorist and educator. ”

Mickaël C. | Masterclass in Toulouse (FR)

Didgeridoo course

Two days of didgeridoo to learn from a teacher!

“Gauthier is not only a passionate virtuoso of his instrument. He is also a remarkable theorist and educator. ”

Mickaël C. trainee in Toulouse

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At the moment, I give my masterclass in France, Switzerland and Belgium. However, I would be happy to come one day to your country to give a masterclass (and why not a concert)! If you are interested, please fill in the form below, I will let you know if you are numerous enough to make the masterclass possible!

5 reasons to come
on a masterclass

Meetings and sharing

Masterclasses are a privileged break from everyday life. A breath of fresh air which encourages with simplicity and lightness the meeting around our common passion which is the didgeridoo.

Personalized exercises

At the start of the course, we all meet to take stock of each other’s game. I take this opportunity to listen to your game and your expectations.
I then give you exercises adapted to your level and guide you individually throughout the day.

10 players, no more

In order to take advantage of the group energy, but without losing the individualized work, all masterclasses are limited to ten people.

All levels welcome!

Whatever your level, you are welcome. At the start of each course, I make groups to distribute the levels.
Just one thing, for beginners the course will be more tiring. But don’t worry, you follow the course at your own pace! 🙂

You won't forget a single exercise

Difficult to remember all the exercises practiced in training. This is why during the weekend I take note of the exercises that I have given you. Then give me a few days to put it all together, and I’ll send you a personalized PDF that sums up all of the techniques you’ve covered during the two days!

Course of masterclass

How does a masterclass day unfold?

Morning (around 3h) | First module

We start the day with a first module of about 3 hours. During this first time, and after getting to know each other, we work on exercises according to your level. Generally, this module focuses more particularly on learning techniques such as belly breathing, circular breathing, tongue attacks, overtones, etc. If you have already participated in a masterclass, I adapt the content so that you have something to progress! I make sure that there is something for everyone and that everyone finds his/her place within the group.

Meal break (1h30)

Because the didgeridoo make us hungry, we still take a little lunch break. 🙂 Everyone brings a little something to share. We eat in all simplicity in the training room (if the rules allow it) while discussing didgeridoo… or other things!

Relaxation (15 min)

After the meal, everyone dreams of a nap! I therefore offer to play an improvisation of 10 to 15 minutes while you relax lying down. This is the opportunity for you to let yourself be carried away by the sound of the didgeridoo and for me to breathe a little. 😉

Afternoon (around 3h) | Second module

Here again, I adapt to your level and your expectations. Often during this module I use the Wakatoo card game. My goal is that you leave with new techniques as well as a greater understanding of rhythms, composition but also that you have realizations, clicks and especially enthusiasm to breathe!

They participated in a masterclass

“Gauthier is a great didgeridoo teacher. Very knowledgeable in all practical matters of using the didge. During the course, he gives very one of us the appropriate exercises, and he follows the progress of each throughout the day. There are also stimulating group activities that are valuable for progress. Gauthier is very patient and encouraging. After the masterclass, I had learned enough to be able to practice for several months! "

Laura D.
Masterclass in Clairefontaine (BEL)

“The course gave me new angles of approach as well as techniques to get out of my comfort zone and expand my playing possibilities. "

Damien V.
Masterclass in Saint-Cergue (Switzerland)

“Gauthier combines perfect listening with a sharp analysis of each player. I was amazed by the personalized exercises given to each one corresponding exactly to each level and allowing to take a step in the game. For my part, my game, as well as my sound, have totally evolved since my meeting with this master… Because yes you have to call a cat, a cat… and Gauthier “masters”, with this clear transmission faculty and adapts to the level of the 'interlocutor. Thank you the artist !!! "

Jaime DC
Masterclass in Gimel-les-cascades (FR)

“I have already participated in 2 courses. The first gave me the basics of the didge and the second allowed me to improve myself even more ... Looking forward to the next. 🙂 Super nice atmosphere, intense masterclass with lots of personalized advice, lots of discussions ... Bravo and thank you. "

Lilian C.
Masterclass in Paris (FR)

“Whether it is in a masterclass or in a private lesson, Gauthier offers quality didgeridoo courses adapted to each one that will necessarily make you progress, very good teacher and very friendly humanly ... At each meeting we have a great time ... And we leave with work to do."

Christophe R.
Masterclass in Janneyrias (FR)

“Great atmosphere in the courses!
Gauthier puts himself at everyone's level so that everyone progresses at their own pace. Didgeridoo players are a big family! 😀 "

Johan V.
Masterclass in Lille (FR)

“Thanks to your masterclass, I was able to master circular breathing and enter the“ pleasure ”Didgeridoo. Now I have fun doing your personalized exercises every day. My level has clearly evolved! I am happy to have been able to meet you and other players from my region. Can't wait for the next masterclass!"

Alexander B.
Masterclass in Aix-en-Provence (FR)

“Hi Gauthier, I can only be delighted with the upcoming masterclass as the first one was so pleasant… We learn by being ourselves, in a light, pleasant way without taking ourselves seriously but… by working very seriously while having fun! A beautiful effective pedagogy and the most beautiful is that is innate in you!
You are accessible with a lot of humor and you transmit your knowledge intelligently. You give confidence and momentum to the person who learns ... For my part, I blocked on the circular breathing and left with it, at the end of the first 2-day course with you, as you had told me ...
Since then, blowing is a joy, an enchantment so thank you for your help and your passion transmitted for the didge!
Sincerely yours and see you soon "at the waterfalls". ; )
Ah yes, listening to you playing / blowing is also an enchantment that is felt in your CD "Renaissance" in which we discover a THANK YOU from you once opened. 🙂 "

Valerie T.
Masterclass in Gimel-les-cascades (FR)

“I found the course to be very educational. When I arrived, I was playing from the side. Directly Gauthier noticed this shortcoming. And he gave me the necessary instructions to play head-on. So I learned to play from the front during the whole course. During the day, several techniques were discussed, especially with regard to the rhythms and sound effects. I came out of the masterclass having progressed and with the tools to evolve even better. Since then, I have worked and I now manage to play from the front and manage my circular breathing. From now on, I still have to develop more dynamic rhythms. But the world was not made overnight. I hope to eventually introduce the didge into a complete musical ensemble. Thank you Gauthier. "

Gerald S.
Masterclass in Clairefontaine (BEL)

" Great !!! I had a great time in Toulouse ...
I would like to point out that Gauthier is, for me, a very good teacher, he knows how to listen and gives very valuable information on your way of playing, what you have to work on, what you "master".
He has a very large playing palette, which allows him to orient you towards a lot of different styles.
During his masterclass, he takes time with everyone and he knows how to make work groups very quickly so that you can work effectively on what you have to deepen.
For my part, I only did a one-day masterclass last year, but without hesitation I return to her two-day masterclass in Gimel-les-Cascades (organized by a player / friend that I have met in Toulouse during last year's masterclass). These courses are also used to meet, to share with other players from the region or from further afield ...
Finally, I recommend his courses to all types of beginners or confirmed players. If you have the basic sound come and spend a few hours, spend a few days at the masterclass and you will grow up… ”

Arnaud P.
Masterclass in Toulouse (FR)

“Gauthier has a very good pedagogy. He adapts with patience and creativity to the levels and needs of each individual. He explains super well and is very motivating!
I loved the masterclass I did with him! "

Elise A.
Masterclass in Brussels (BEL)

“I had learned a lot as a beginner player at the time and it allowed me to meet other players from my region that I saw afterwards. All in a good atmosphere! So I would happily do it again when I could. "

Nathan L.
Masterclass in Janneyrias (FR)

“Hi Gautier, I love your masterclasses, the atmosphere is very nice, I am improve each time, I can't wait for the next one !!! "

Barbara G.
Masterclass in Aix-en-Provence (FR)

“Exceptional Masterclass. Gauthier takes the time to identify the blockages that are specific to each. Very educational, he dissects how to overcome the inherent difficulties in learning sounds and other vocalizations. And last but not least, we are entitled to a concert at the end of the masterclass… A killing knowing that he is part of the best player of the world concerning the subtle mastery of the didgeridoo! 👍🙏"

Dimitri G.
Masterclass in Clairefontaine (BEL)

“I was surely the numbskull of this session but Gauthier showed patience and only encouraged me for that and without hesitation go to learn the didg with him!"

Gerard B.
Masterclass in Toulouse (FR)

“It was a very rewarding masterclass day on all levels, both in terms of didge (technique, advice, mastery, etc.) and in human terms. Gauthier has a very good approach to teaching, very good pedagogy. We work hard for a day (in a great relaxed atmosphere of course ^^) but the reward is the key! I recommend his courses without hesitation,: o) »

Audrey FB
Masterclass in Colmar (FR)

“Great masterclass with Gauthier! Being a confirmed player, I did not expect to discover so many. He can easily understand and decipher the way you play and take you to unexplored places. Thank you so much !"

Yves G.
Masterclass in Gimel-les-cascades (FR)

“Gauthier observes, listens and quickly identifies the points to be worked on. And offers adapted exercises to improve your game. All with a lot of patience and kindness! "

Cedric D.
Masterclass in Janeyrias (FR)

“Gauthier offers great accessibility to the world of didgeridoo and that with a lot of skills, authenticity and simplicity. The masterclass gave new impetus to my didgeridoo practice. Gauthier was able to identify the qualities and blockages of each by proposing effective solutions to improve our game. A relevant approach and intelligent group management helped to create a benevolent space conducive to progress. Thank you."

Brice A.
Masterclass in Brouage (FR)

“Gauthier is a great teacher. He very quickly succeeds in capturing the needs of beginners or more advanced players. There is really a big change in the game after the masterclass."

Franck D.
Masterclass in Lille (FR)

“Following an masterclass with Gauthier is first and foremost having a great time in a friendly atmosphere. All levels combined, Gauthier knows how to put us at ease, humor and laughter are present.
A directive: Sharing this passion for breath without any idea of competition. You do with what you are in a permanent state of good humor, without judgment. It is on this simple principle that a kind of club, or even community, is set up and create links between players, where everyone feels free to share and exchange what brings us together: the didgeridoo. This masterclass is experienced for me as a time of renewal and well-being widely and pleasantly shared. Thank you Gauthier »

Alain V.
Masterclass in Janneyrias (FR)

“Exercises adapted to each participant in order to make them progress. So very positive opinion. "

Patrick G.
Masterclass in Paris (FR)

“I made a lot of progress with the precious advice of Gauthier during his masterclass. He is very attentive and he puts you at ease. What I also found in his teachings is a great benevolence and a pedagogy adapted for everyone, whatever their level.
If you want to discover, learn, improve your didg game, don't hesitate !! "

Laure C.
Masterclass in Paris (FR)

“Gauthier is a didg's teacher that you must have close to you! These courses are very suitable for unlocking key stages. I recommend Gauthier's masterclasses because he will adapt to you during a very enriching day shared in joy and simplicity."

Lionel A.
Masterclass in Paris (FR)

“Beginning in the practice of didgeridoo, I wanted to understand and learn the technique of circular breathing during my first masterclasses with Gauthier. I had a great weekend during which the watchword was sharing. We are lucky to have such a great professional who offers masterclass so close to us. I'm going back as soon as I can. "

Laurent B.
Masterclass in Tremargat (FR)

A few words about my experience

Since 2008, I have been invited all over Europe, in Russia and even as far as Taiwan to teach the didgeridoo. I have met thousands of students, given hundreds of workshops and played tens of thousands of hours … But I think it’s more useful to talk to you about what drives me rather than numbers!

What interests me is helping you find new keys, new sensations, new ways to better express yourself with your didgeridoo.

I like to take the time to accompany you and find the little exercise that will take you to the next step. And the precious time spent together in masterclass is particularly suited to this kind of exercise. 🙂

Looking forward to meeting you “in person”!

PS: If you don’t know Wakademy well, I advise you to visit this page to get started …

(photo: Masterclass given during the didgeridoo festival in Poland – Photo credit Paprochstudio)

So, would you like me to come to your country?
Why not? 🙋🏻‍♂️

Frequently Asked Questions

I accept all levels, from the complete beginner to the confirmed player. However, if you know how to play the drone at least (not even very elegant 😉) it’s a real plus. You can also start practicing the circular breathing exercises ( see the free course on circular breathing ). And believe me, even in a few days you can already make a lot of progress. This will make the masterclass much easier for you.

Unfortunately in masterclass I do not lend didgeridoos. However, it is possible to order a PVC instrument for around € 30 (see also “Which didgeridoo to learn to play?” “ ). These didgeridoos are perfect for beginners and will serve you at home to keep blowing.

Priority is given to those who wish to participate in both days. It is, on the one hand, to maintain the coherence of the group, and on the other hand to make sure that I cover my expenses. However, if there are places left a few days before the course, contact me to discuss it !

You will have noticed, I don’t communicate much about it! For the simple reason that a two-day course is intensive and requires a lot of motivation. But if your child is very motivated to take a breath for two days, then he is welcome!

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