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Gauthier Aubé

What note to choose when starting to play the didgeridoo?

When you start to blow into a didgeridoo, there are often two questions that come up. The first asks about which didgeridoo to choose to learn to play and the second asks about the note of the instrument. So which grade to choose and how do you know if it’s right for you? To clarify this unfortunate question, we must take a step back …

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David Defois, didgeridoo crafter
Didgeridoo crafters
Gauthier Aubé

Interview with David Defois: creator of the didgeridoo-trombone!

We are starting this series of interviews with David Desfois, a didgeridoo crafter who lives in central Brittany (Fr). In 2005, David created his company kan ar c’hoad, officially starting his activity as a didgeridoo crafter. Over the years, he has become a crafter recognized for the quality of his work and his capacity for innovation. So without further ado, let’s go to the questions!

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When the didgeridoo acts on health

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