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Didgeridoo lesson 9 | The 5 biggest mistakes when you start playing didgeridoo

It is very common to see among didgeridoo beginners 5 big mistakes. These errors unfortunately prevent many players from progressing quickly. But the good news is that it’s easy to act on them and modifying them will save you a lot of time!

I hope these tips will help you!

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Gauthier Aubé

Gauthier Aubé

Hello didgeridoo friends! My name is Gauthier Aubé and I am the founder of Wakademy, the French didgeridoo school. If you're wondering how Wakademy can help you progress on the didgeridoo, I invite you to visit this page. Until then, long live the music! ?

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1 year ago

Thanks for this. I’m trying to learn, but I’m having difficulty vibrating my lips. But I’m determined to succeed!

Passons aux
choses sérieuses ! 😎