Some didgeridoo covers with didgeridoo inside

5 covers to protect your didgeridoo

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Buying a good didgeridoo is one thing. Taking care of it is another. When you start to move around with your instrument, a bag quickly becomes essential. A quick overview of the world of didgeridoo covers … Because their quality is extremely variable and their prices go easily from simple to triple (see much more). If you are lost in this world of covers, it’s normal, it’s a mess! Here is an article that should help you see more clearly. Full ahead!

Your “didgeridoo bags” budget proportional to the price of your instrument

It seems obvious that having spent € 50 on a didgeridoo you are not going to buy a cover for € 300 (or you are sorely lacking in logic!). Conversely, by purchasing a didgeridoo for 1000 €, putting 150 € in a bag seems reasonable. Fortunately, the manufacturers have planned the blow and you will find covers at all prices with padding of different qualities. Your budget will therefore determine the cover to choose.

Didgeridoo covers from € 15

From didgeridoo-passion

The first price for didgeridoo coversThese covers were very popular in the mid-2000s. We hardly found them at the time. The first to sell them in Europe, if I remember correctly, were Aboriginal Arts in Amsterdam.
As much to say it right away, they are not the top of the quality. The padding is kept to a minimum and the fabric is not waterproof. The closure is done with two straps that are tied with each other.

That said, everything is relative, and for 15 € it will allow you to offer minimum protection to your didgeridoo. I had one when I started out and was very satisfied with it. Of course, over time it will wear out, as the fabric remains thin, but if you have an entry-level didgeridoo, it will do its job without flinching and without breaking the bank.
You will find it at didgeridoo-passion , official supplier of all good didge players!

At Woodbrass

A cheap didgeridoo coverThese covers are slightly more expensive than the first ones mentioned above. I’ve never had one, but I’ve seen players using it. They seemed satisfied with it.

However, I am not sure that this cover type really takes the length. I think I remember that the seams are rather fragile in the medium term. If you have one, share your experience, it may help other players!

More personal: I’m not a fan of the shape, the cone side at the end of the cover to place the bell is not very successful. And if your didgeridoo doesn’t have a big bell, it will float, which isn’t great.

I put it in this list to mention it, but I wouldn’t really recommend it to you. The fact that it comes from an anonymous online sales site does not add anything. Honestly (and I have no share with anyone!) I encourage you to look to the other didgeridoo-passion and Goutte de mouche products. Because by this gesture, you encourage didgeridoo enthusiasts who vibrate just as much as you for this instrument.

The “alternative” didgeridoo covers

There is also another way to get a cover by looking in anything that is fishing rod, ski or snowboard cover (for several didgeridoos). I do not believe that they are lined with foam so you will have to plan to wrap your didgeridoo in a blanket or something cozy!
It’s system D, but it can help.

Oil-Skin from didgeridoo-passion from € 69

Oil Skin brand didgeridoo coversWith this type of cover, we clearly go upmarket!

Here we have to do with the famous Australian fabric “Oil Skin”. Its texture is a bit like leather. This material is very resistant, waterproof and ages very well. These covers are lined with sheep wool with a nylon lining to protect your didgeridoo from temperature changes as much as possible.

You will find two models: Classic covers (from € 69) and Deluxe (from € 99).

These two ranges are differentiated, among other things, by the attachment of the strap which will be either sewn (Classic model) or held by a carabiner (Deluxe model). But also by their closure system, on the Classic you will have to be content with a Velcro, while on the Deluxe cover you will be entitled to a zipper.

The prices then vary within these two ranges depending on the size and diameter of the cover chosen.

Snake-Skin from didgeridoo-breath from 160 €

Snake Skin didgeridoo coversI bought two of these covers during my trip to Australia in 2007/2008 and even today (June 2016) they have no tears or any weakness.

The padding is very satisfactory. The didg is protected. That’s good, that’s exactly what we ask them!

Although these covers are excellent there are two reasons, economical and ecological, that make it not such an obvious choice.
If you want to acquire this cover, count around 160 € for the cover to which you will have to add the shipping costs (sending from the other side of the world anyway!) And taxes …

In short, it will be rather expensive, and is not so justified on an ecological level.

In short if you are in Australia, go for it because these covers have an excellent price / quality ratio . But for all the others, by slightly lengthening your budget, you will be entitled to the high-end of the high-end that we approach just after!

Labr’housse creation: crafts from 30 to 200 €

Adèle and her cover for didgeridooSince I wrote this article, Élodie Labrousse, creator of “Labr’housse creation” contacted me. Élodie manufactures, among other things, covers for didgeridoo. I have seen his work and can only recommend it to you. It has its place perfectly in this article! It had been several months since I had to add it, that’s it. 🙂

You will find two ranges of covers:

  • The first starts with simple covers at 35 €. For this price, you will have transport bags in standard sizes which will not protect your instrument but which will have the advantage of making you more mobile at a lower cost.
  • In the second range, you will find more qualitative covers made in suede and only made to measure. Their price ranges from 140 to 200 €. They have a triple thickness of padding with a rigid leather addition with insulating foam at the end of the cover to withstand all shocks! The price range can be explained by the size and size of the didgeridoo for which the cover is made, as well as the accessories requested (pockets for small accessories, hood, etc.).

You can contact Élodie via her Facebook page . A site should arrive in a few months as well as a range around 70 € …

Fly drop: in leather and hand-sewn from € 300

Agustina Mosca leather coverAs much to tell you right away, arrived in this range, we are in the high class! In addition to being made of thick and excellent quality leather, these bags, hand-sewn, are made to measure to the dimensions of your instrument. It is Agustina Mosca, also known as a didgeridoo player, who makes them.
Here we are therefore in 100% artisanal and it shows. If you have the budget to afford a cover Fly drop , frankly do not hesitate. I bought one last year for one of my didgeridoo. I am very satisfied with the quality, protection and aesthetics of the product. We really feel the qualitative and robust aspect of the material. I plan to spend all my didgeridoos in this range, for several reasons:

  • The first is that the leather is lined with thick padding which perfectly protects the didgeridoo. We really have the impression of placing it in its case. We feel his didgeridoo happy to be in there!
  • The second is the zipper that goes down from top to bottom and that we feel very resistant.
  • The third concerns the aesthetics of the cover, which in addition to being customizable, is really very successful.
  • Finally, the last and which is for me the most important, the bottom of the cover which rests on the ground is lined with a semi-rigid support, thus avoiding any shocks coming from the bottom. These are the worst shocks a didgeridoo can receive. Indeed, such a blow can cause a crack which will tend to go up from the bell towards the body of the instrument.

Conclusion: a budget proportional to the price of the didgeridoo

To conclude, be sure to check four points when looking to buy a cover: the waterproofness, the thickness of the lining, the quality of the fabric and the padding of the bottom of the cover. Overall, the quality of these four aspects differs from one cover to another.
And if you don’t have the budget and are a DIY enthusiast, you can always sew one for yourself! It’s relatively simple to do, for a quality / price ratio that is worth the detour!

If you think that this article can bring information to your friends, do not hesitate to share it! … Or comment to give other addresses and tips. 🙂

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