THE complete guide to help you choose your didgeridoo!

What category of instrument are you looking for?

First of all, welcome to the world of the didgeridoo!

Well… don’t get too excited yet; you still have to know where to begin…

And these are precisely the topics covered in the three articles below. Aren’t you lucky? 😉 Enjoy!

Didgeridoo crafters
Gauthier Aubé

What didgeridoo to start with?

Learning to play didgeridoo is an adventure! But you are soon faced with questions, in particular: “By the way … what didgeridoo shall I buy to start with?“ and you’ll soon find yourself surfing the web only to come up

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Didgeridoo beginner
Gauthier Aubé

Watch out for inexpensive didgeridoos!

The temptation to buy an inexpensive wooden didgeridoo can be great. But except for a rare gift of fate, the didgeridoos in this category are not a good choice! To be frank, the majority of didgeridoos found in music stores

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Differents didgeridoos bells
Didgeridoo beginner
Gauthier Aubé

What pitch to choose for your first didgeridoo?

When you start to blow into a didgeridoo, there are often two questions that come up. The first asks about which didgeridoo to choose to learn to play and the second asks about the note of the instrument. So which grade to choose and how do you know if it’s right for you? To clarify this unfortunate question, we must take a step back …

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And if you want to learn more, I’ll let you read and watch the second part of this guide…

So, ready to
have a new didge? 🤓

I understand you ! Good on the other hand … take the time to watch these four videos anyway, I will address the main questions to ask yourself before spending all your money. 🤗 (don’t forget to activate the English subtitles)

1. First of all let’s talk about the budget (don’t forget to activate the english subtitles).

2. Next, let’s see the main notes (don’t forget to activate the english subtitles).

3. Now let’s tackle the big two
characters of our dear piece of wood (don’t forget to activate the english subtitles).

4. And finally, I answer 3 (very) common questions which are: should you choose a  eucalyptus or a sandidg? Should we opt for  a wooden or wax mouthpiece?  And finally, what is the ideal weight of a didgeridoo? (don’t forget to activate the english subtitles).

Free video lesson

You still haven't got the circular breathing?
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You’ll see it’s not that complicated 😉

This time it’s the end! 

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Good research to you!

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