Didgeridoo Lesson 4 | Learn circular Breathing in 4 steps!

Image from the video

In this video, I present my free course on how to learn the circular breathing in your didgeridoo. Indeed on internet, the circular breathing is explained very quickly and it’s hard to understand what to do and how it works. Under these conditions, it is normal that you have difficulty learning it! Let’s me change […]

Didgeridoo Lesson 1 | What is a didgeridoo and how to play it?

In this video, I’m going to explain you what is didgeridoo, where does it come from and how we can play it. You will see that we can use different parts of our body to play the didgeridoo: the lips of course, to produce the sound. the tongue, to do some sounds variations. the cheeks […]

Five tips for a good posture to play your didgeridoo

Did you know that in Kyūdō, the Japanese archery, the archer works his posture for months, before unleashing his first arrow? Any activity that uses the body relies on a correct posture. Didgeridoo is no exception to this rule. By following these five tips, you will be surprised to see your playing change under the […]

Watch out for inexpensive didgeridoos!

The temptation to buy an inexpensive wooden didgeridoo can be great. But the didgeridoo world is not made up exclusively of good products! To be honest, the majority of didgeridoos that are found in music stores are of lower quality. I will let you know about four types of instruments you should not buy so […]