Didgeridoo lesson 7 | How to play your first rhythms in your didgeridoo

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In the didgeridoo, circular breathing is always present. But then, how can we succeed in playing a rhythm in harmony with our breathing? Most of the time, we play sounds and then we breathe. This technique could work well if it didn’t break the rhythm… In this video, I explain how to play your first […]

Didgeridoo Lesson 4 | Learn circular Breathing in 4 steps!

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In this video, I present my free course on how to learn the circular breathing in your didgeridoo. Indeed on internet, the circular breathing is explained very quickly and it’s hard to understand what to do and how it works. Under these conditions, it is normal that you have difficulty learning it! Let’s me change […]

Why is the use of a metronome essential when playing your didgeridoo?

During the masterclass I lead, I meet a lot of didgeridoo players who have an approximate tempo. Their phrasing is good and well articulated, but the beat spoils their work. Unfortunately, this is the common lot of musicians who never, or nealy never worked with a metronome. Mozart himself said “the most necessary and the […]