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How to make sure you lose your passion for the didgeridoo (or music)

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Are you passionate about the didgeridoo? Can’t do without this drug anymore? Good news, I have THE recipe that will disgust you. This method is extremely effective. And you’re in luck, I tested it for you. And believe me, by following it exactly, you make sure to stop the didgeridoo (or music) in the next few years! So ready for the end of the didgeridoo passion? Guaranteed results.

The search for recognition

The gratitude. Everyone wants it. We all run after, from kindergarten to retirement. Who doesn’t want to be recognized for what they do?
Playing for recognition is still forgetting the pleasure of playing, of sharing your music.
How many showbiz stars show us what a loss it is to seek recognition on the outside?

At the beginning of my didgeridoo years, I played for the sheer pleasure of playing. I was having fun with my didgeridoo. Nothing stopped me, I played over and over. To the point that my friends had ended up reproaching me that they no longer saw me during the evenings. Rest assured, it was far from enough to make me drop out!

I was a real wind tunnel and I loved it.

Obviously, with all these hours spent on my didgeridoo, I progressed very quickly. Then came the first gatherings of players and I started to be spotted. I then, slowly, but surely, began to breathe for others, gradually forgetting myself. I began to look for the gaze of the other … And little by little, it replaced the pleasure with the expectation of compliments.

It is the first step of the future disgust: to sacrifice the pleasure of playing to seduce the audience.

Rest assured at this point, you will not notice anything.
It is very subtle, painless and odorless.

Lock-in in technique

Working on your didgeridoo relentlessly and working on technique over and over again. This is the next step and I did not miss it! When I was in Darwin, I used to go to Bob Druett . I worked my didgeridoo four hours a day. Four hours a day, stopwatch in hand. I was only working on Mark Robinson’s technique: straightforward and dry tongue attacks.

Needless to say that I returned to France with impeccable, clean, almost perfect attacks. They were amazing. I proudly displayed them on stage. I had forgotten a little more the pleasure of playing to always gain in technique, precision and power.

Anyway, I had won everything except joy.

What a mistake !

Well … I hear the laziest people already say: “Ah well you see, I had said that the technique was useless. “. You will understand, that is not quite the point. Work, yes, but with pleasure.

At this point, you will already be well advanced in disgusting the instrument, but there is still an attachment that keeps you from stopping.

That is why the next step is essential in this method and you should not miss it in any way.

When work kills passion

In 2008, I returned from Australia and I professionalized. What a victory for me! I was finally going to make a living with the didgeridoo.
I was finally going to be able to say that I make a living from my music. Gone are the deliveries of pizza, the distribution of “La redoute” catalogs, the sites to lay plasterboard, the sale of Christmas trees in car parks in the Paris region and so on … (yes, before living off the music you have to pay the rent! :-).

In short, I was going to live on my didgeridoo and I was happy. It was deliverance.

But it was without taking into account that work eats away at passion. What a delicate matter to mix the two and find the right balance. Here again, between pleasure and work, the switch is quickly made. By a mechanism still obscure to me, it often happens that one takes less pleasure when his passion becomes his work. We then stick the label “work” on his didgeridoo. The word work refers to hard work, to something difficult.

Thus, I continued to develop without the knowledge of my own free will my great technique “To disgust your passion in four steps”. And there, it is not a label that I stuck on my didg but a panel of five meters by five! Obviously, it’s more difficult to play …

So yes, I became a professional didgeridoo. And I had everything to be happy. I lived off my passion and the players recognized me as one of the most influential European didgeridoo players. But I wasn’t playing anymore, I was working.

So to do it right, add this trap to the previous two and you finish the job in style. You will only have one last thing left …

The fear of being second

There it is more subtle. Seeking recognition is one thing, finding it is another. The fear of losing her comes next … By finding this recognition outside, I made sure to acquire it like an object. And I was afraid of having it stolen from me, like you steal a TV!

The rich man is afraid of being robbed. For recognition, it’s the same thing. And for good reason, it did not belong to me. I had given all the power to those who followed me. I was incredibly demanding with myself. And I let some criticism get to my heart.

So yes I was recognized. But I was not happy. At that time, we were with Zalem, the two French players who were talking about them. From the outside, it sounded pretty good. It was even classy, I admit. But what a fear I had of being thrown from the podium!

It had become an obsession.

This fear of not being the best has reinforced in me the need to work on my instrument to keep my place. I was only thinking about that. I got tired. I have dried up my heart. I was like dead inside.

If you’ve reached this milestone, you’ve hit the jackpot! There, you are guaranteed to finally be able to let go of your didgeridoo addiction. You can attack the next phase: withdrawal.

Two years without a didgeridoo

Arrived in 2011, I am exhausted, angry and I can no longer see the world of the didgeridoo. I play on stage like a machine. My heart is covered with fear, anger and bitterness and has a hard time expressing itself.

In July of the same year, I take out my didgeridoo method which took me several years of work and I honor my last concert at the Italian didgeridoo festival.

One of the pieces played in Forlimpopoli during the Italian festival

Then I decide to stop everything.


I am selling my house that I bought two years earlier. I am going to India for a five month trip. I’m looking for myself. I would hardly play my didgeridoo for two years. Two years is a long time when you were used to playing daily.

It did me a lot of good.

Moreover, I remember very well once in India, while listening by chance to the didgeridoo, I spontaneously said to myself: “Mash, the didgeridoo sounds really weird.” You amaze me that people are surprised when they don’t know. “ . I was starting to find my beginner’s ear …

I was weaned and ready to take a gentle breath.
Since then, you will understand, I have resumed. Gradually, I started playing again. Day after day, like an accident victim does his rehabilitation exercises. Today I am happy to blow my didgeridoo. I have now understood that enthusiasm is the best driving force for progress. That music is beautiful only when it is played with the heart. That recognition is above all internal and that smiles and thanks are a bonus. I understood that everyone has their place and that everything was offered to us. Playing music is a precious path. So take care of it. Listen to yourself and play with your heart.

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Gauthier Aubé

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