What note to choose when starting to play the didgeridoo?

Differents didgeridoos bells

When you start to blow into a didgeridoo, there are often two questions that come up. The first asks about which didgeridoo to choose to learn to play and the second asks about the note of the instrument. So which grade to choose and how do you know if it’s right for you? To clarify this unfortunate question, we must take a step back …

How about making your own didgeridoo ?!

Home made Didgeridoo still in work

We cannot say that the eucalyptus trees dug by termites run through the forests in our latitudes! And it is precisely for this reason that for a few years now many didgeridoo players have decided to make their own instruments. The principle is simple: split a branch into two parts, hollow out the latter and […]

Interview with David Defois: creator of the didgeridoo-trombone!

David Defois, didgeridoo crafter

We are starting this series of interviews with David Desfois, a didgeridoo crafter who lives in central Brittany (Fr). In 2005, David created his company kan ar c’hoad, officially starting his activity as a didgeridoo crafter. Over the years, he has become a crafter recognized for the quality of his work and his capacity for innovation. So without further ado, let’s go to the questions!

5 top-of-the-range didgeridoo crafter you should know

5 differents Didgeridoos from 5 different crafters

As you can imagine, didgeridoo crafters don’t run the streets! And most of them are in Australia, but ultimately few have pushed back the requirement to make a didgeridoo. Indeed in Australia, the didgeridoo is mainly seen as a souvenir for tourists rather than a real instrument …

What didgeridoo must one start with?

Wanting to learn to play didgeridoo is a great adventure! But this choice quickly generates questions, one in particular : “By the way … What didgeridoo must i buy to start with? “. You then quickly surf through the web and come against a huge range of materials and prices. How can one make a […]

Five steps to make an eucalyptus didgeridoo

A didgeridoo is a eucalyptus trunk naturally hollowed out by termites. However, several stages separate the trunk in its natural state from the finished instrument. And the know-how of the didgeridoo crafter (didg-maker) proves to be essential. Here then are the different stages of production of a eucalyptus didgeridoo. These photos were taken during my […]