Your didgeridoo can teach you a lot… if you learn to listen to it!

That’s a question that is far from being obvious! How many musicians take the time to listen to their instrument? We are all with our ideas, our will, our desire to say things. But have we ever thought of listening to what the didgeridoo has to say? In this article…

Didgeridoo lesson 8 | How to choose a didgeridoo beginners

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It’s difficult to buy the right instrument when you start playing the didgeridoo! Is it necessary to buy directly a eucalyptus didgeridoo? Or should you buy a bamboo didgeridoo? But in this case, is the first bamboo you find enough? All these questions are normal, moreover on the internet, you can find all the prices… […]

Didgeridoo lesson 7 | How to play your first rhythms in your didgeridoo

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In the didgeridoo, circular breathing is always present. But then, how can we succeed in playing a rhythm in harmony with our breathing? Most of the time, we play sounds and then we breathe. This technique could work well if it didn’t break the rhythm… In this video, I explain how to play your first […]

Didgeridoo lesson 6 | How to have a better sound on didgeridoo

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Pressure is often underestimated by didgeridoo players. What a pity! Because it is one of the pillars of your sound and neglecting it would be like building a house without foundations. In this video, I propose to take a closer look at what pressure is, what it brings to your sound and finally I give […]

Didgeridoo Lesson 5 | Why you should play your didgeridoo on the front!

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Playing one’s didgeridoo front view or sideways ? The debate was still going on a few years ago. Today, the majority of players agree: playing front view is the best of ways ! Sideways playing is only favored when very specific techniques related to Beat-box are needed. Here are some other arguments in favor of […]

Didgeridoo Lesson 4 | Learn circular Breathing in 4 steps!

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In this video, I present my free course on how to learn the circular breathing in your didgeridoo. Indeed on internet, the circular breathing is explained very quickly and it’s hard to understand what to do and how it works. Under these conditions, it is normal that you have difficulty learning it! Let’s me change […]

Didgeridoo Lesson 1 | What is a didgeridoo and how to play it?

In this video, I’m going to explain you what is didgeridoo, where does it come from and how we can play it. You will see that we can use different parts of our body to play the didgeridoo: the lips of course, to produce the sound. the tongue, to do some sounds variations. the cheeks […]

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