What note to choose when starting to play the didgeridoo?

Differents didgeridoos bells

When you start to blow into a didgeridoo, there are often two questions that come up. The first asks about which didgeridoo to choose to learn to play and the second asks about the note of the instrument. So which grade to choose and how do you know if it’s right for you? To clarify this unfortunate question, we must take a step back …

How about making your own didgeridoo ?!

Home made Didgeridoo still in work

We cannot say that the eucalyptus trees dug by termites run through the forests in our latitudes! And it is precisely for this reason that for a few years now many didgeridoo players have decided to make their own instruments. The principle is simple: split a branch into two parts, hollow out the latter and […]

Your didgeridoo can teach you a lot… if you learn to listen to it!

That’s a question that is far from being obvious! How many musicians take the time to listen to their instrument? We are all with our ideas, our will, our desire to say things. But have we ever thought of listening to what the didgeridoo has to say? In this article…

Top 10 Things Every Beginner Didgeridoo Player Should Know

A didgeridoo player playing

Do you want to learn the didgeridoo? Did a friend quickly show you how to make a didgeridoo sound? And then after ? I bet you’re not sure where to go ?! Here are 10 tips to help you and anyone else who feels lonely along the way.
Hello breath friend!

Why and how to varnish your didgeridoo?

Some didgeridoo who are waiting for the varnish to dry

The varnish is an important step which, in addition to protecting your didgeridoo, will improve its sound quality. It remains to know the stages of varnishing and which type of varnish to use!

What is the mysterious secret of circular breathing?

Aaaah the circular breathing! This legendary and mysterious technique! To recall its principle, this breathing technique allows musicians to play continuously without having to stop to regain air. Thanks to this ability, circular breathing is intriguing! Moreover, didgeridoo players know it well and after announcing to blow in a biniou, the following question is …