Gandalf with a didgeridoo

From intuition to reason: the way to become Gandalf at the didgeridoo!

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Have you ever noticed that sonorous tribes inhabit your didgeridoo? And that it was possible to walk towards them thanks to two supports which are intuition and intellect? We have nothing to envy of the Lords of the Rings! In each of our didgeridoos live many creatures. Meet them, discover sounds and landscapes still unexplored. In such a perspective, the didgeridoo will reveal to you its acoustic clans still kept secret, these people of sound with great wisdom. And this even though you haven’t asked for anything. Everything will come to you. If you start off on the right foot …

Mountain landscape

The first step: wonder through intuition

Are you ready to take the first step? To embark on a path still unknown? Exploring a thick jungle? Or to face this plain advancing to the horizon?
So you will have to start your journey on the right foot: that of intuition. Because in this first step, your only goal is to walk. Let yourself be carried away by the discovery of the landscapes while marveling at the local flora and fauna. To accomplish such a mission, your intuition is the best possible method. Because the latter neither judges nor analyzes. And nothing beats the simplicity of the heart to provoke the meeting.

• • •

“Intuition is the great voice of the unknown towards which our destiny pushes us.” Kitty Petrowski

• • •

Welcome to the fabulous inner world of the didgeridoo. Your inner world.

In this still virgin universe, you will discover many sounds and strange techniques. Each being organized in community. You will observe harmonics, aerial like majestic eagles soaring in the sky. You will be charmed by the massive and slow WONs like herds of elephants. The small hopping wa will amuse you, while the softness of the sub-vibrations will soothe you.

Thanks to the first step of intuition, all these still wild sounds will dare to approach you. You will need to find your child’s soul to walk these side roads. Remember, learning to speak, you weren’t trying to understand the mechanics of language. You had simply reproduced what you heard, based on your listening, your observation and your feelings.

In the didgeridoo, the same mechanisms come into play.

If you don’t know where to go to discover landscapes, let intuition take the first step. It will show you the direction. The movement is launched and the path is emerging. But if you want to pace it, you will have to let your next step balance your step.

The second step: understanding thanks to the intellect

After starting the path by putting the foot of intuition, you will have to engage the other leg, that of analysis. To do this, you will need two tools: observation and intellect. These two supports are so precise that they will allow you to learn all the mechanics of each tame sound.

• • •

“It is with intuition that we find and with logic that we prove.” André Poincaré

• • •

Can you play a sound without forcing it? And you can reproduce it at will? Then you are on the right track! These are great clues that show you that you have tamed it! It is therefore time to find out how its mechanisms and habits work. Because if familiarizing yourself with a technique is already a great learning experience, knowing your personality enriches the experience. Observe where this sound comes from: language? play ? throat? (Read: Your didgeridoo can teach you a lot… if you learn to listen to it! ).

Landscape with two profiles facing each other

So you will discover that each sound has its preferences. Each of them will develop in a specific environment. You will find that WONs are easy going, that they like to take their time. You could say they are the Didgeridoo Wombats! While the wa, much smaller, are much more lively and dynamic, as would be a small rodent. They will therefore be suitable for fast play.
This is why the more you get to know each other, the more you will be able to respect what they like and do with them, rather than against them. Understanding the habits of each sound is giving them the chance to flourish in your playing.

The risk of attachment: restricting discovery

However, I have to warn you! Although as you walk the path you use both of your legs, the one of intuition and the other of analysis, there is a risk: attachment.

As you become familiar with the sounds and the places, you will begin to become attached to them. Buddha, Jesus and all the great masters spoke of attachment. This mechanism sneaks into all things and often traps us. The didgeridoo is no exception to this rule.

It is therefore very likely that by sharing the company of WON, you will end up building your home there. You would then go from nomadic to sedentary. This is not serious in itself and it seems rather natural to want to put down your luggage one day or another. However, the sedentary mind comes with a risk: locking itself in its habits. You will therefore have to remain vigilant to continue to marvel at a harmonic passing through the sky. Sometimes even take your two legs and go for a walk in the unknown lands that still surround you.

• • •

“Free as he is from any attachment to the past and any concern for the future, the child expresses himself fully.” Amma

• • •

Attachment to certain sound tribes is one of the mechanisms into which we all fall. In this context, our goal is to let ourselves be carried towards discovery. Thus allowing to extend our attachment, not only to what is familiar to us, to our clan, but to widen the circle to the world around us.
And although the company of the WONs is very pleasant, I can assure you that sometimes it is good to go spend time with the Wons and feed on their cheerful character!

An opening into the world

Once you have discovered enough sights and sounds, you will be able to develop a whole world. You will know its secret corners, such as the ridge from which one overlooks the valley or this cave in which it is always cool, even in summer. But something deep inside will not be fulfilled. You will realize that such a world has only one vocation: to be shared.

That’s why when the day comes, you can bring friends, family and even a large audience. In this way, you will be able to receive your guests and make them travel in this world which is yours. You will introduce them to sounds with which you have made friendships. They will be amazed at the strength of character of some, the light side of another or the purity of a third.
And who knows … Perhaps you will even be surprised to hear certain sounds which, piqued by curiosity, will point the end of their note in front of this new audience that has come to listen to them.

Conclusion: bring your inner world to life

Walk, discover, explore, and try to maintain the delicate balance between intuition and analysis. The first intuitive step will give direction, then the second will come, animated by the intellect and its keen observation. One does not go without the other. By taking only one of the two, you will turn in circles … on yourself. But if you alternate these two states, the path will be done gradually, very smoothly. All you have to do is to foil the nets of attachment that will try to hold you back to a familiar world.

So dear playful friend, are you ready to tame new sounds? To learn the magic of the world of the didgeridoo? And to travel to new lands? The path is in front of you, only you can the art-penter!

And long live Gandalf! 😉

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Gauthier Aubé

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